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Jewelry Care & Guarantee

Tour à Tour | Art Bijoux offers you unique, handcrafted jewelry made of high quality of silver.

​All the jewelry is made by solid silver (925 Sterling Silver or 999 Pure Silver), sometimes combine different metals or materials to present diversity of beauty . Concern for the environment , plating techniques are not used ( As you may know , plating has always been a very high polluting industry and the plated layer will never exist for long ). Just use different surface treatment to bring various textures and colors , showing its nature beauty.

We believe all the jewelry are be loved treasures, once you pick them up or be offered by your beloved.

Silver jewelry is fine and delicate, however, with properly care it will last and company you for lifetime. Here are some Important Instructions to help you take good care of your jewelry:



  • Jewelry should be the last thing to be put on when you dress up, after applying make-up, hair products, or perfumes. And the first thing to be taken off. Always wear it carefully, avoid pull or push at it.

  • Do not wear your jewelry while sleeping or practicing sport to avoid deformation and damage.

  • Silver will oxidize when it exposed to air. After wearing, simple clean with soapy water and dry with soft cloth or hairdryer. Storage in the sealed bag while it is completely dry to prevent oxidation.

  • If it start to get oxidized, use soft brush with little bit toothpaste, gently brush to remove the tarnish. Dry it with a soft cloth or hairdryer. It is easy and can remain the special white matt color of silver. The polish part can be cleaned by a polishing cloth. (except for oxidized products) *For the brass, you can use the same method too.

  • Avoid touch rough objects. Store your jewelry separately in their sealed bag and put in the jewelry box to prevent from damages or scratches. 

  • Prevent direct contact with swimming pool, sea water, hot spring, perfume and any other chemicals.


  • We provides one year guarantee of purchase from Tour à Tour | Art Bijoux. This service provide free cleaning and maintenance, or in case it need to be repaired (minor repairs within one year of purchase). Please remind that the customer is responsible for all shipping fees.    *This service does not apply to serious damage due to improper use and chain broken.(To avoid the damage  of your jewelry, please check JEWELRY CARE & MAINTENANCE)


  • We are happy to help you to repair or clean-maintain your jewelry purchase from Tour à Tour | Art Bijoux. We will do our best to repair and maintain your piece to return its best condition.


  • Repair fee depends on the case. Please contact us in advance.

  • Please kindly to remind that customer is responsible for all shipping fees.

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