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Huiyu CHIU

I am a jewelry designer and maker from Taiwan . In an occasional opportunity I came to north of France , now settle in a beautiful countryside, start my new life and career here.
For me , jewelry is a wearable art , all the unique piece present itself , and also present the unique personality of the wearer.I always try to combine all the different views,materials and fields together,just like a communication between different cultures and life stories.

Tour à Tour Art Bijoux

The inspirations always come from the delicacy of nature, the changing of seasons, and the sense

of life.
Every jewel is made in my studio in north of France, using traditional metalsmithing techniques,

with sincere craftsmanship, piece by piece, little by little, transform metal into different unique life.

A few moments catch during jewelry creation.

And of course there is my cat, always around me.

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